UNIFY UVS by Iker free C# component


Rhino3D/Grasshopper3D Plugin (Windows) – for Rhino v.6 and above


This component unifies surfaces UVs based on a guide surface.
It’s located in the Surfaces > Util Tab


This is one of the various bespoke tools in C# that Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. [SHA] has developed for internal use in the company. SHA has made this plugin public and license free for the entire Rhino3D/Grasshopper3D community.


Copyright: Developed by Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. [SHA]


New version Unify UVs v1.1.1:
C# script optimised to increase performance and computation speed. Based on the example file from approx. 1.8s to 170ms (90.5% faster)