Spatial Holistic Assemblies Ltd. (SHA) is a practice specialized in integrated design engineering | DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly).

Our holistic approach is based on being deeply involved in the entire building process from design conception to construction and all of the steps in between, to ensure the proper delivery of the project. 

We create bridges that connect contractors and fabricators with designers and clients.

Through our experience in complex projects and their technical deliveries, we are able to develop robust adaptable systems designed from first principles. These are constantly assessed through associative relations within the project and our digital design approach, allowing us to manage and control higher levels of complexities within the design process.

Our approach allows the delivery of challenging projects  within the defined time frames and on budget, whilst maintaining high levels of design and technical accomplishment.

SHA also delivers highly detail 3D models which provide clients with certainty in design, budget, time and buildability before construction, removing any surprises and any risk of unforeseen mistakes during – or worst- after construction.

SHA’s role is the creation and transformation of ambitious complex concepts and programmes into feasible, optimized & buildable projects.